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Another full day is dedicated to participate in Motivational course, which is conducted in such a way that the students enjoy & learn together at the same time and enhances their knowledge about “The Leadership approach” “React & Response” “Thrive or survive” “How to be you at our best” & “Effective communication skills”. End of the session students will get an attendance certificate sign by the award winning teacher.We offer Singapore as a travel destination for our Future Leaders due to its versatility and harmony among the people live in this country. It is the most tidy and cleanest cosmopolitan place on the earth and also encapsulates the World in One City. Our team has selected a variety of experiences to young travelers like, “Be Scientist for a Day”.

Student packages.

Our student programs are specially carved for the Future Leaders to become the confident citizens by taking an active interest in the environment around them. It creates among the participants the sense of recognizing the similarities between people around them instead of focusing on differences by virtue of care for the companions.

Malaysia Cheeku – Cheeku.

This program is specially carved for the people look for an experience in nature.

It is a first hand Malaysia hospitality at a Malay Village, in a tropical jungle set at 600 meter above sea level along the Titiwangsa Mountain Range. In a homely setting at the highland plains with cool air, streams flowing through the village but “Glamping” outdoor lifestyle without compromising on comfort and style, it’s a perfect gateway.

Dubai Jubilee Games


22- 29 July in Dubai,

According to National Ismaili Councils worldwide, the international Ismaili sporting event will take place between 22 – 29 July in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A majority of the sports will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, a facility that hosts world-class events, including major international sporting exhibitions and tournaments.


'Student packages.'

'Malaysia Cheeku – Cheeku.'

'Dubai Jubilee Games'

  • Corporate Business Travel

    The success of any business trip depends on one factor, i.e. how effortless and stress-free the travel experience is. Our consultants play a role that helps ensure towards the success of our valued clients.  Our team of corporate travel consultants, equipped with the latest technology, is accessible on a 24 hour – 365 day basis. This enables our customers to remain in touch with us at any time and from any where in the world, without having to consider time zones and distance, thus getting their requirements modified.

    We offer a complete array of Business Travel Services:


         a) Key Account Management. Sana Travels advises

              New ways of managing their increasingly complex

              Air travel programs.

         b) Optimizing Travel Budgets. Through extensive scrutiny

              of travel trends, we recommend suitable and preferred

              Options resulting in optimizing the travel purchase.

         c) Management Information Systems. Monitoring travel

              patterns of our corporate clients, resulting in better

              and smarter buys from Airlines.